— Rental and Service Rates —

Rental Rates*

(3 Hour Minimum)

Main Stage Theater**

$250 per Hour

Recital Hall

$120 per Hour


$70 per Hour

**Includes green room areas. May include overnight storage in Green Room and Scene Shop areas. Specific conditions apply.

— Services and Equipment


$100 per Show

Piano / Piano Tuning

$300 per Show

Orchestra Shell Setup

$300 per Show

Orchestra Pit / Thrust Stage Set-up

$500 per Show

Storage (Overnight)


Online Ticketing Services

$2 surcharge per Ticket

  • Rates for Main Stage, Recital Hall, and Full Capacity include basic lighting plot (pre-set), and use of venue PA (facilitated by DMPCFA sound and lighting engineer).

    • Specific light and sound programming plots are determined and charged on a case by case basis.

    • See appendix B.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required for all rental bookings.

  • Special services: See Appendix B

  • Rates for Lobby include portable PA (if necessary).

  • All necessary event staff are included with rental fees.

  • Rental blocks of 8 hours receive a 10% discount.

  • Ticketing services are to be provided by the DMPCFA at the predetermined rate

    • Unless otherwise noted and agreed upon in the rental contract

*DMPCFA will handle each request individually. For schools and charitable groups, please see Appendix A.

- Seating Charts -

Main Stage Theater

- Appendix A -

Gila Valley and Surrounding Area Schools
and Charitable Organizations*

Rental Rates*

Main Stage/Theater** (3 hour minimum)

$170 per Hour

Recital Hall (2 hour minimum)

$100 per Hour

Lobby (2 hour minimum)

$50 per Hour

Ticketing Services

$1 surcharge per ticket

(public schools)

$1.50 surcharge per ticket

(others in this category)

*DMPCFA will handle each request individually.

- Appendix B -

Custom Show Specifications

Lighting Plots

$25 Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Sound Cues (non-conventional)

$25 Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Audio Recording of Show/Rehearsals

$50 /Hour Unedited (4 Hour minimum)

$75 /Hour Edited (4 Hour Minimum)

Video Recording/Production

$50 /Hour Unedited (4 Hour minimum)

$75 /Hour Edited (4 Hour Minimum)

Video Production Live Streaming

$50 /Hour (4 Hour Minimum)

Online Rental Request

Request a Rental Date here. We will confirm your date, based on availability, via email.